Our Process

The diagram above shows the process we go through when we work with you. From the consulting stage, where we discuss and interpret your needs through to creating a plan, following that plan and, reviewing your progress.

Consult:  Chat with us about what is important to you. It could be a retirement nest egg, managing your debts or building an investment portfolio. An informal chat with us is the starting point to defining and achieving your financial goals.

Engage: Working together. We’ll agree on a plan to help you remain focussed on managing your income and assets to achieve your goals.

Action: A financial plan encourages good financial habits; we can assist you to establish and manage appropriate investments and protect your most valuable asset, i.e. yourself.

Review: As you move through life’s stages your priorities will change. Regular conversation enables your financial plan to be tailored to suit your needs over time. Tapping into our knowledge base empowers you to make sensible decisions throughout your journey.

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