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We knew it was coming!

The official figures of a technical recession as GDP contracted by 7.0% in June, the largest quarterly fall since 1959. It feel like it is already priced into the market, so don’t panic just yet.    

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5 Tips for taking control of your finances

We have been incredibly busy over the past few months. The rate of disruption since mid-March has been overwhelming for many of our clients. With the continuing threat of the virus, we have all been navigating considerable change and upheaval.

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Three simple strategies to rebuild your retirement savings

Research recently conducted by Colonial First State has revealed that: 45% of Australians are either scared or don’t feel financially confident about retiring. 23% 30-65-year-olds think that they will have to delay retirement due to Covid-19. Covid has caused significant

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What is the 50/30/20 Rule?

What is the 50/30/20 Rule? With the new financial year underway and news that Australia is entering a recession, it is now more important than ever to take control of your personal finances. A budget will help determine your essential

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Stimulus Extension

JobKeeper and JobSeeker have been extended and will see the programs run through until the end of March 2021.  The overhaul will include tightened eligibility criteria and lowered rates to align more closely with recipients’ pre-COVID levels of income. “As

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