Value of Long Term Investing

How many times have you tried to beat a traffic jam?  Crane your neck to look up ahead at why you aren’t moving and then move into the lane which starts to move.  Thinking this will give you an advantage

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Ethical Investments

You have made the decision you wish to invest in sustainable and future driven companies.    How do you actually go about doing this? Direct shares are a really easy way of having the control to access the companies you feel

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What would you do differently if you could go back in time?

This question has recently come up in two unique client meetings and I was intrigued at the difference in answers. I personally don’t think I have been around long enough to wisely review exactly what I would do differently in

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Online banking pros and cons

You either trust it or don’t trust it.  Personally I love the way my online banking gives me the flexibility to manage my money easily and simply.  Whether that is paying bills, transferring money, organizing a savings plan or just

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Investor Bad Habits

Investor bad habits can destroy the viability of a very good investment as quickly as a bad investment can destroy a successful savings plan. The main investor bad habits include: Greed Emotional responses to experiences Laziness Impatience These really are

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