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Is Super still a good idea?

I get asked this question a lot.   The government change the rules so regularly many have become disillusioned with the whole system. In 2007 the notion of simpler super was brought out to make superannuation easier for the average person

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Protecting yourself and your family

Most people get vary when they think you are trying to sell them life insurance.  And quite frankly fair enough too as there have been enough shonky operators out there in the past to give life insurance a bad name.

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B is for bold, beautiful and budgeting….

Budgeting, that dreaded thing people don’t like talk about let alone do. Most of us assume we know what we spend, but when I ask most of our clients what income do you need to maintain your current lifestyle, there

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What are your plans for retirement?

 THERE are a number of questions that everyone should ask themselves as they approach retirement, but perhaps the most important of these is: “How much super is enough to retire comfortably?” Financial planners have been arguing for decades over how

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