Stimulus Extension

JobKeeper and JobSeeker have been extended and will see the programs run through until the end of March 2021.  The overhaul will include tightened eligibility criteria and lowered rates to align more closely with recipients’ pre-COVID levels of income.

“As a government we’ve been focused on providing practical solutions to practical problems,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison told media. “We will deliver what is practically needed.”

From September,  JobKeeper will be reduced to $1,200 a fortnight and a lower payment will be applied to people working fewer hours. The JobSeeker payment will drop to $750 per fortnight, and have its income area increased to $300, while the COVID supplement will be reduced to $250.

$30 billion of JobKeeper payments have already been provided to 3.5 million employees of 960,000 businesses.

See this link for further details.

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